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Asmodus Snow Wolf

Discussion in 'Vaping mods Reviews' started by BombVapes, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. BombVapes

    BombVapes New Member


    Hello folks! Thank you for joining me on another BombVapes review. Today has me taking a quick look at the Asmodus Snow Wolf 200w Temperature Control Mod from GearBest.com.

    Device: Asmodus Snow Wolf
    Supplier: GearBest.com
    Price: $87.83
    Shipping: Free from either China, USA, EU, or HK warehouse

    From the collective minds of both Sigelei and Asmodus comes the Snow Wolf, a 200w temperature controlling beast. With black glass front and rear panels wrapped in a stainless steel bezel, the Snow Wolf sure is a thing of beauty, but how does this untamed creature hold up to a little scrutiny?

    The device itself ships in a small, matte black box, emblazoned with the shimmering silver head of a wolf that looks as though it's ready to pounce. On the back of the box you get a few hardware stats, such as size, power, weight etc. as well as some well-advised cautionary measures. Hopefully you can make those out in the photo below (click to enlarge).

    Click here to read the full review...

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