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Cana Modz 30 Watt Mod

Discussion in 'Youtube chat' started by cerebral79, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. cerebral79

    cerebral79 Member

    That's right, that isn't a typo. This is the chinese clone of the Hana Modz DNA 30 Variable Watt mod.

    The original Hana Modz DNA 30 is a few hundred bucks so naturally it was bound to be cloned but they are just now starting to ship out to vendors.

    In the videos below you will see Rip's reviews of the original and this particular clone and he seems impressed except the one cone which is that if the device has been in shut down mode too long, you have to hit the button until the screen comes on then you can start vaping. At around $65-$90usd (depending on where and when you order it, i think its worth a go.

    One of the biggest selling points of a device like this is that (with the proper batteries) you can vape sub-ohm coil builds at higher wattage's because it won't shut off at something like 1.0 ohms like the ProVari or Innokin SVD will.

    Here is a link to where he got his
    Wet Vapes: Buffalo, NY: Vapor Shop, E-Cigs, E-juice & Mechanical Mods

    and here is an example of another clone

    Both come without any HanaModz logos or trademarks which I think was good on the manufacturers part.


    Cana Modz Clone

  2. askanison

    askanison New Member

    Very nice review. I didn't realize there were clones of popular although pricey brands.

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