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Clearette Bold E-Cig

Discussion in 'Vaping mods Reviews' started by inkedwriter, Jun 2, 2014.

  1. inkedwriter

    inkedwriter New Member

    Let me start out by saying that I am posting this on behalf of my wife. I have never been a smoker, but she has been essentially smoking a pack a day for about 15 years. My nagging finally got to her and she decided to make the switch to e-cigs. She started out on the Blu cigs, but here complaint was that she never really felt as though she was getting enough of a throat hit. The only tine it came close was when she went to the disposable with 2.4% nicotine.
    While at the store we buy the cartridges from, the owner gave us a disposable Clearette Bold to try for free. My wife loved the flavor and the throat hit, and decided to ditch the Blu's in favor of this brand. The only problem here is that the cartridges are $4 more expensive than the Blu for a pack of 5 ($17.99 versus $13.99). The cost of the starter kit was cheap, though, at just $14.99 for a battery, a charger and a pair of cartridges. So far so good, as she is now 5 weeks without a cigarette. The cartridges for Clearette are still a little tougher to find than some of the other popular e-cigs on the market, but we are now in the habit of buying them via the official site. Seems like a good option for those that want to vape but miss the throat hit of traditional cigarettes.
  2. cerebral79

    cerebral79 Member

    Im really glad to hear that your wife is doing so well with her transition from cigs to vaping. In terms of cost I was right there with ya so I had to find a cheaper alternative but wasnt ready to spend $100-$200 dollars so I went with something like this.

    Tank $13.95
    Mini Kanger Protank 2 Mini Pro Tank Glassomizer

    Battery $24.95
    Vision Spinner VV eGo Battery 1300mAh

    Replacement Coils $1.75 they last a couple weeks
    Atomizer Head for Kanger Protank, EVOD, Unitank

    Charger $6.75
    Joyetech eGo Rapid USB Charger

    and then any 50/50 pg/vg blend juice to get that nice blend of throat hit and vapor production.

    With this setup you can adjust the voltage of the battery to get more or less throat hit to really dial it in, and you can use whatever juice you like. The replaceable coils in the mini protank is nice because if she vapes casually they can last about two weeks or more.

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