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Do you still smoke cigarettes?

Discussion in 'Vaping General Chat' started by derailed, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. derailed

    derailed Member

    I've seen a lot of people still smoking cigarettes after they've bought a vaper. I personally don't see the point, as the money spent is practically wasted.

    Are you still smoking cigarettes? What do you think of people that do this?
  2. cerebral79

    cerebral79 Member

    I smoked my last full cig somewhere around 2 months ago. I have tried to light one up a few times since then and it's nothing compared to my vape so I have to put it out.

    But ultimately I did smoke a few per day until I just kinda started to forget to light one up and the next thing you know I hadn't smoked in days, then weeks and so on lol.

    I think that people should be safe and at least tell themselves that it is ok to have a few smokes during the first few weeks. If you don't give yourself that safety net then switching may seem to scary and you might give up.
  3. apike

    apike Member

    I smoked one cigarette the day after I bought a vaporizer. It was at 10 in the morning, lol. I still remember it. It happened to be the last one in my pack. I haven't bought any since and it's been going on four months now! I don't even think about it. There was only one time when I really truly wanted a real cigarette but the moment passed and I didn't smoke one. I just lost interest I think. Vaping is so much more fun! I enjoy it way more than I ever enjoyed cigarettes. I also don't feel terribly guilty like when I did for smoking.
  4. Takedon

    Takedon Member

    No, I have quit smoking regular cigars and I am very proud of it. I'm healthier and definitely more active now!

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