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Greetings all!

Discussion in 'New Members (Start Here)' started by 3Quency, Mar 23, 2014.

  1. 3Quency

    3Quency New Member

    Hello there nice to meet you all, I'm 3Quency and i'm about to give up smoking at the end of this week and switch over to E-Cigs more in regards to money than health.

    Looking for advice on what is the best value if possible, thanks!
  2. ChrisA

    ChrisA Member

    Welcome to the forums. I wish you the best of luck in giving up smoking. You just have to be persistent and resist the urge to buy a pack, once you start vaping. Whenever you want to go buy cigs, just vape some more. Also try the higher concentration e-liquids first, if you smoked high nicotine cigs or smoked a lot in general.
  3. 3Quency

    3Quency New Member

    Generally I have cut down to around 5 cigarettes a day so I shouldn't need too much nicotine. Is there a specific vaper I could use for work and is just as legal to use a vaper, I know it may sound a little odd but I am completely new to the idea.
  4. cerebral79

    cerebral79 Member


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