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How long has your device lasted?

Discussion in 'Vaping General Chat' started by SilvioMaF, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. SilvioMaF

    SilvioMaF New Member

    I was wondering how long your devices have lasted and how frequently you used it? Preferably the mvp, but other devices only add to the wealth of information. I just bought an mvp 2.0 and I wanted to know if keeping it in storage for 2 months would lead to any problems as I liked it so much I bought a ego c twist to preserve the mvp until I go back to college. Any thoughts on how durable the mvp is?
  2. NomadicCaches

    NomadicCaches New Member

    I have a friend with a MVP that is over a year old and it runs just fine. I've never owned one but my old egos would last me about 6 months before I bought a new one (heavy vaping) now I solely use mech mods and my 18650's last about 7 months before I notice a difference in their power retention and output.
  3. sissy0903

    sissy0903 New Member

    I am not familiar with the MVP 2.0 because I haven't used it but I can say with the spinners seems to last a while. I have had mine for going on a year although I have a Vision brand vs the EGO- C Joyetech brand. I had issues with my Ego-T batteries losing the inner post and the buttons getting stuck about 6-9 months into use. I dont see why if you are letting the MVP set you should have any issues as long as it isn't staying charged for no reason. I would maybe check on their website or with your store to be sure though, as I would hate for you to get to college with it and something go wrong.
  4. wvboarder

    wvboarder Member

    Mine has been working for two years as of next week. I've been impressed. All it takes is a little maintenance and proper storage. I don't get the people that buy a system and break it within a week. I'm a clumsy person so I figured that this would be my situation. We're celebrating our two year anniversary at a music festival campout. :D

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