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Kanger Dual Coil doesn't last very long?

Discussion in 'New To Vaping' started by Laksefar, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Laksefar

    Laksefar Member

    Hey guys.
    So I've been told that they are supposed to last for up to a month or so.
    But after a week, the vapor production is down by 60% and the taste is a little off for me.
    I vape somewhat clear liquids. The coils are rather dark and seems like there are remenants of burnt liquid.
    I use a eGo-T 11mAh battery. Is the battery maybe heating the coils a bit too much ?
    Or do I really have to soak the coils in alcohol every 2-3 days ?

    Thansk in advance !
  2. Takedon

    Takedon Member

    I don't really know how to answer to this. I've never had this kind of coil at my vaper, but I'm pretty sure that it should last a little longer.
  3. cerebral79

    cerebral79 Member

    If I recall correctly, the ego-t doesn't have the twisting dial on the end of the battery to allow you to change the voltage being sent to your coil correct? If this is the case then from what I read, the ego-t only send about 3.4-3.7 working volts to the coil.

    When I have a fresh charge in my batteries, they are at about 4.1 volts then you factor in a .1-.2 drop from the metal in my mod and im getting about 3.9 volts. This gives me a pretty good hit but I notice that when my battery drains down to about 3.6 the its get weaker.

    Since you are starting out at 3.4- 3.7v with a fresh charge and after a week of "gunking" up the coil, it sounds like it would make sense that vapor production would start getting weak.

    I used the kanger dual coils for quite some time on my mech mods and variable volt/watt mods and unfortunately after a week I did find myself changing the coils just because I loved the awesome vapor production of a fresh coil and I could't keep myself from putting in a fresh one lol.

    If you were to purchase something like this one (the ego-c) you would be able to crank up the volts to as high as 4.8 which would help get those coils even hotter resulting in more vapor.
  4. apike

    apike Member

    I've also noticed that I have to change my coils about once a week or I'll get little to no vapor once the charge goes down on my battery. I was told they would last about a month but I think that's a bit of a stretch, lol. My husband actually just messaged me about the eGo C Twist and told me his co-worker recommended it because it's adjustable. Sounds like I might go out and get that tonight and see if it works a bit better with my tank and coils. I'm hoping that maybe my coils will last a bit longer than a week, after all, that's why I switched to the coils in the first place! I was tired of replacing the tanks!
  5. forextraspecialstuff

    forextraspecialstuff New Member

    It is funny you bring this up because my boyfriend recently noted he is having this issue. When he first started vaping his coil would last approximately 6 weeks, he was ok with this and felt it was equivalent to the cost, when he had to purchase a new coil it was a dud and lasted 2 weeks, purchased another and the same thing. He is very good with cleaning all of his vaping "instruments" but has not noticed a difference. He's pretty annoyed at this point because he thinks spending an extra $20-$25 every two weeks because of what he has classified as faulty coils is a significant additional expenditure.

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