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Mount Baker Vapor - Bananas gone nuts

Discussion in 'Eliquid/EJuice Reviews' started by Laksefar, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. Laksefar

    Laksefar Member

    This reviews is for "Mount Baker Vapor's Bananas' gone nuts" with the following ratio:

    PG/VG: 50/50
    Nicotine: 12mg
    Extra flavour shots: 2

    The main flavour in this mix is banana, which is byfar the the flavour that defines this e-juice the most.
    That being said, there is a subtle hint of nuts that are somewhat hazel-/walnutty.
    The aftertaste leave a slight hint of cinnamon (i might be wrong, but that what it tastes like) which is really nice.
    I usually only vape this when I'm in need of a real sweet vape, as it almost tastes like a cake. It's not very refreshing, as you can imagine.
    In my opinion it goes very well with a cup of coffee/hot chocolate.

    As I said I add 2 flavour shot and I think that might ahve been a little too much. I'd recommend adding a max of 1 extra flavour shot.

    This juice also seem to leave a bit of "gunk" in my tank as it is a heavy, brown liquid, so do keep that in mind.
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  2. cerebral79

    cerebral79 Member

    I might have to hop over to their site and order some, it sounds like a good after dinner vape. After mentioning how thick it is I think I would keep a separate dripper for it though lol.
  3. Laksefar

    Laksefar Member

    That might be a good idea.
    I have some spare cartomizers that I'm using for it, while my main tank I use for the clear liquids that I use for everyday vape :)
  4. DreekLass

    DreekLass New Member

    I have my own banana E-juice. It is very very tasty, perhaps my favourite of all of the e-juices that I have tasted thus far. I have tried cherry, strawberry, and nicotine flavour, as well as latte.

    None of those were as good as this one tastes. It has a bit of a throat kick on it, and I cough after not using it for a while and ten using it. But apart from that it is perfect.
  5. johanrobert

    johanrobert New Member


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