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Mount Baker Vapor - Red Licorice

Discussion in 'Eliquid/EJuice Reviews' started by Laksefar, Apr 8, 2014.

  1. Laksefar

    Laksefar Member

    So.. it's pretty much what you would expect if you've tried red licorice before :D

    I usually vape this with a PG/VG value of 50/50, but I've also tried 65/35.

    The taste is really good and it sticks in your mouth for quite a while. If you want a little more throat scratching I'd recommend adding a bit of monthol flavour to the mix.

    Regardless, mount baker vapor, allows you to choose if you want "extra flavour shots" and for Red Licorice in particular this is good.
    I feel that without them, the flavour is a bit too subtle. I usually go with 1 or 2 extra flavour shots, aaaand so should you :)
  2. cerebral79

    cerebral79 Member

    sounds tasty, oh have you seen mtbakervapor's juice product where you can blend your own frmo their existing flavors? Might work well to get that bland you mentioned with the bit of menthol
  3. Laksefar

    Laksefar Member

    I have indeed.
    I haven't tried it though, as I'm a bit "afraid" that I'll end up making some horrible combination and just throw away the juice after the first vape.
    That being said, mixing something simple like Red Licorice and Menthol probably won't be that terrible as it would be the same as ordering the two flavours seperately !

    If I do try it out I'll post a review of it or if you do; please do the same :D

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