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Discussion in 'New Members (Start Here)' started by VapingForums, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. VapingForums

    VapingForums Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to TheVapingForum.com, a free online message forum dedicated to the discussion of electronic cigarettes and vaping culture. In order to keep this forum free to anyone who wants to use it, we must have a proper set of rules that all members must follow. The rules below are our official forum rules and they apply on all parts of this forum. By using our forum, you agree to be bound by the following terms, rules and guidelines.

    Age Policy

    You must be at least 18 years of age or older to use this forum. The discussion this forum focuses on is products that persons under the age of 18 are prohibited to use. If a member joins and is under the age of 18, we will issue a lifetime ban without the ability to appeal to set an example of how strict we are enforcing this policy.

    Policy Modifications

    This policy was last update on July 27th 2015. We will change the previous sentence as the policy is updated. It is of your own responsibility to read the policy when it is updated if you wish to understand what has been changed. In most cases, we will reply to this topic addressing that the policy has been updated and the change log that you will need to read about. For spelling and grammar corrections, we will not update the policy modification date or announce any changes.

    Forum Rules

    By using this forum, you agree to be bound by the following forum rules:
    • You are allowed to have one account and one account only. Persons who use the same IP may join with their own account. You are not allowed to share your account for any reason.
    • We collect information to initiate your registration. You are required to provide accurate information when asked to do so. We will never share, buy and/or sell your information with third parties. Please read our official Privacy Policy to learn more about your privacy on Vaping Forum.
    • Your username and profile information may not be offensive to others. Please refrain from using profanity or offensive words in your username and profile information. Avoiding offensive content use will help to prevent interruption of your membership on this forum.
    • The official staff team of Vaping Forum are equipped with the power and authority to take disciplinary action when it is required. Therefore, we at Vaping Forum reserve the right to modify and/or delete your content and membership if you violate our policies and terms. However, we at Vaping Forum are not obligated to modify and/or delete content and/or membership at any time.
    • We do not delete accounts upon request. If you wish to leave this forum, simply do not login and don't return. We can change your username if you would like us to do so.
    • Do not infringe or violate copyright and/or trademark laws on this forum. Do not post content that belongs to someone else or another entity unless they have authorized you to do so. Do not conduct piracy or warez activity on this forum.
    • Do not conduct illegal activity of any kind on this forum. If required, we will cooperate with law enforcement and/or government agencies and personnel when in association to an investigation or legal court matter. We reserve the right to share user information if required by law. We abide by the laws of the United States of America. We prohibit membership of entities that are considered enemies of the United States of America.
    • Please show respect to your fellow forum neighbors. Refrain from constantly presenting yourself in a negative manner. If you feel the need to disrespect others then Vaping Forum is not for you. Treat others with the respect that you would like to be treated with.
    • Do not abuse others on this forum. This includes making threats, name calling, trolling, violence, acts of terrorism, harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, flame wars, impersonation, posting inaccurate information, cross-posting (posting things more than once), constant posting on one-liner comments and stalking.
    • Do not post anything sexual in nature or adult rated including pornography, nudity in art, cartoon nudity, sexual content/media/images and adult-rated content and media.
    • Do not promote the use of illegal drugs and narcotics on this forum. Do not promote illegal gangs and clubs that conduct illegal activity on this forum.
    • We do not read private messages unless they are reported to use as abuse or spam. We are respecting your privacy so we ask that you respect the privacy of others as well.
    • Do not spam on this forum. Do not join this forum to collect contact information for advertising, marketing and/or commercial purposes. You may advertise in sections and areas that specifically state you can advertise. You may add personal signature links of your personal website. You may only add commercial links to your signature if they relate directly to electronic cigarettes.
    • Direct competition links (other Vaping Forums) are allowed to be advertised as long as they are using the signature, profile and/or specific areas and sections where advertising is allowed.
    • You are responsible for the content that you posts and/or transmit and upload on this forum. VapingForum.com can not be held liable for the content of other members on this forum.
    • Racism and hate is strictly forbidden on this forum. We do not support organizations that support racism or hate.
    • When debating, we ask that you remain mature and respectful to other members. If you feel the need to be disrespectful, remember that its only the internet and simply leave the debate.
    • Do not send links by PM (Private Message) or email to other members without obtaining their permission beforehand.
    • Do not gossip about other people and/or websites and forums on this forum. If you have had issues on other websites, please keep it to yourself.


    We ask that you help keep our forum clean by reporting violations when you see them. You can use the report option in a post/topic or you can send a PM (Private Message) to a staff member of this forum.

    Thank you for reading these rules and we hope you enjoy the forum!
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