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Six Flags St. Louis has vaping sections lol

Discussion in 'Vaping General Chat' started by cerebral79, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. cerebral79

    cerebral79 Member


    I guess I shouldn't be surprised given that a lot of children go there and it's pretty crowded at times but I still found this humorous.
  2. Puffin

    Puffin New Member

    Hahaha that is great! Actually I would much rather see a vaping section than be told to go to the smoking section. I mean the whole reason I started vaping was to get away from smoke, seems kinda obvious to me, but clearly the people making the smoking/vaping section rules don't always know what they are doing.

    I totally need a sign like that for my house. :D
  3. FosterTXT

    FosterTXT New Member

    That vaping section is actually quite humorous. Look how small and lifeless the area looks. I find it funny how people are willing to risk their lives riding a roller coaster, but the second a small cloud of vapor floats near them they fear for their well being.

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