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Smok Pyrex question

Discussion in 'Vaping General Chat' started by jenlewellen, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. jenlewellen

    jenlewellen New Member

    I read somewhere online (can't recall where now) that the coil should always be submerged in e-liquid, but if that is the case why is the coil positioned so near the top, requiring me to constantly top off, rather than near the bottom? I know a lot of people seem to enjoy constantly topping off, but it seems like such a pain to me.
  2. cerebral79

    cerebral79 Member

    Im not sure what type of tank you are using but the ones with the coil on top typically use a silica wick that pulls the juice up to the coil pretty easily (thicker juices higher in VG may not wick as well and you could get a burnt taste) so there tends to be enough juice on the coil so as not to burn.

    The bottom fed tanks to me work a heck of a lot better for exactly the reason you describe, the coils are always "under water" lol. The only problem with bottom fed tanks is that if you let the juice get to low, air pressure can build up and force the juice past the o-ring seals and you get the dreaded gurgle.

    Also with bottom fed tanks you have to be careful not to tighten the replaceable coil in to tight so that it doesn't mash up the o-ring which gives the juice a place to sneak past and cause gurgling.

    Ultimately, I still prefer bottom fed but I have since moved on to rebuild-able tanks. I do break out my iClear 30B tank on occasion though.
  3. jenlewellen

    jenlewellen New Member

    Ok. That makes sense because I use max VG e-liquid. I think my husband might be allergic to PG because when I vape PG e-liquids, it clearly bothers him. When I vape VG, there's no problem. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to look into bottom feeders like you said.
  4. Takedon

    Takedon Member

    Sorry for being off topic, but how can one be allergic to PG? Is it a proven allergy? And why isn't he allergic to VG as well?
  5. VapingForums

    VapingForums Administrator Staff Member

    Yep Propylene glycol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    But people can also react negatively to 100% vg juice IF they contain flavorings that one might be allergic too.

    I was doing some googling around and found people saying that with 100% vg and certain juices that contain say cinnamon for example, they would experience tightness in their chest and difficulty breathing.

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