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Sweedish Snus vs Vaping

Discussion in 'Vaping General Chat' started by Grimpus, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Grimpus

    Grimpus New Member

    What do you guys prefer when you're on a night out, a bit of snus (useful because its so discreet and hellofa strong!) or or vaping? I actually do both! :) haha. Also what do you think is healthier between the 2?
  2. cerebral79

    cerebral79 Member

    From what I read sweedish snuss isnt fire cured so its preferred over american snuss due to the lack of carcinogens. I used snuss for awhile and it really worked but I missed the act of smoking so I always reverted back to taking a HUGE hit of my vape.

    Im glad you brought up the tpoic of snuss, most ppl dont know about it but it can be a helpful aid when trying to quit smoking.

    Due to the fire curing in american snuss I would only recommend using it for a couple months then just relying on hitting the vape hard.
  3. Takedon

    Takedon Member

    I'd rather vape a little. Maybe it just me, but I really don't like Swedish Snus.

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