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THC smokers causing trouble for vapors

Discussion in 'News' started by sissy0903, Jul 6, 2014.

  1. sissy0903

    sissy0903 New Member

    Is anyone else worried or concerned over the fact that Marijuana smokers are not creating e-juice from THC ?? What they do is their business but how will people be able to tell the difference in the juice? I can just picture some cop pulling me over and making a big deal of my electronic cigarette and questioning what is in it? Could this lead to trouble for those of us who are legally smoking regular nicotine juice? To me vaping is such a wonderful change from cigarettes I hate to see the negative stuff creating lots of new laws that will harm my vaping experience. :?: :?: :?
  2. VapingForums

    VapingForums Administrator Staff Member

    I've thought about this a bit myself but I am fairly sure that just like the border cops use a spray to test paraphernalia for thc resin im sure they will come up with a paper strip to test the eliquid then let you go on your way if it's clean. But yes i could see how creative pot smokers (not that i have anything against people that smoke pot) could start a THC vaping craze that might cause trouble for us nic vapers.
  3. Gelsemium

    Gelsemium Member

    The thing is, what can it be done about it really? Sure it's not a beneficial situation for vaping, to be associated with THC, but like you say admin this can be tested by the police if they want to.
  4. wvboarder

    wvboarder Member

    I honestly don't see the big deal. If people had figured out how to vape crack or meth I'd be a little worried. Vaporizing has been on the chart for THC users from the beginning. And honestly for those of you worrying about people not letting others know it's in there it wouldn't exactly be catastrophic or dangerous in any way. I'm down for letting people smoke without smelling bad.

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