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The Aerotank by Kangertech

Discussion in 'Youtube chat' started by cerebral79, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. cerebral79

    cerebral79 Member

    This is a great tank for the new vaper that blows your tiny ecigs away. It has replaceable dual coil heads with an adjustable airflow system.

    I got into vaping using a tank with replaceable/disposable coil heads and would have stayed with them but im a tinkerer and a bit cheap so moving into rebuild-able atomizers was something I just had to try to get into.

    This tank like the other kanger tanks is well worth checking out if you are a new to intermediate vaper and haven't even yet though about getting into rebuildables.

  2. sissy0903

    sissy0903 New Member

    After watching the video you shared can you answer some questions on this particular tank? I have tried other Kangertech tanks and had issues with condensation build up that came out into my mouth- does this tank do this? It doesn't look like it would but would prefer to ask someone with experience with it. Also I can see it creates a very large amount of smoke which is ok for me but does the more smoke it produce mean it uses up more juice or is this basically dependent on the juice make up?

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