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The best place to buy if you don't mind the wait

Discussion in 'Vendor Sales Market' started by xanadu0324, May 23, 2014.

  1. xanadu0324

    xanadu0324 New Member

    Since everything comes from China, the wait can be a rather long time, especially if something is new or popular and goes on backorder. I don't mind waiting, and usually order ahead of time enough that I'm not dying to receive it.

    I do recommend reading reviews on some of the stuff before purchasing, however. Some of the 'clones' are junk, where others are right up there with the original.
  2. derailed

    derailed Member

    I usually avoid the "made in China" stuff. Most of the items made there are bad quality and also look kind of... copied. I just look for "made in the USA" stuff instead, as they got the best production lines in my opinion.
  3. DevinK

    DevinK New Member

    My friend and I got ordered a battery from there back in december. Apparently the Chinese police were checking mail shipments containing that type of battery (for bombs, if you were mailing a lot of them), so it never actually shipped (we don't know since there is no tracking). We split it $7 and $7, so we wasted $14. Maybe if we chose better shipping then the package would have actually shipped, but who knows.

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