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Top 12 most fun things to do in GTA: SA

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by derailed, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. derailed

    derailed Member

    Okay, I've decided to share this awesome youtube channel with you, guys, as it has been my favorite for years. You can check out DaviDustin's other videos too, they are very interesting. Also, a subscribe is always welcome!

  2. kunalsh

    kunalsh Member

    If, like us, you've been spending the last three days of your life in the fictitious environs of San Andreas rather than the real world, it's likely because, along with the rest of the population, you're hooked on GTA V.
    Based on modern day Southern California, Rockstar game's newest iteration in the long-running sandbox series takes players back to Los Santos and its surrounding areas of Blaine County.
    But it's nothing like the self-titled game of 2004 - not only have the graphics been upscaled but the neighbourhoods look and feel entirely different.
    That's not to say it isn't a good place to be, in fact, it's arguably one of the more vast and complete open-world universes ever put together by the developers.
    Split into varying sections of class, today's San Andreas ranges from the decaying to the decadent, the average to the affluent, and just about everything else in between.
    The streets and suburbia quickly turn into beaches and desert regions as you speed by in your sports car, guaranteeing a rich and diverse playing experience.
    And the inhabitants of San Andreas? More alive than they ever have been.
    With random encounters to experience and freaks to discover, you won't get bored in Los Santos or Blaine County.

    Maharaja Express
  3. kunalkumar

    kunalkumar Member


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