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What's the best way to store E Liquid

Discussion in 'New To Vaping' started by Escaped2vape, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. Escaped2vape

    Escaped2vape New Member

    I bought a bottle of E liquid around 2 months ago but when I got home I
    couldn't find it so presumed I'd lost it out of my pocket and replaced it.
    I finally got round to cleaning the inside of my car yesterday and
    found the missing bottle of liquid under the seat.

    The liquid has gone really dark and thick and although I've steeped
    liquids I've bought in the past to bring out the flavor I've never seen
    any go as dark or syrup like as much as this one has.The liquid is
    still usable although I had to mix it with a little from my current bottle
    as some of the flavors had got too strong and were overpowering
    the rest.

    I've been thinking about trying to mix my own liquids but now I'm
    concerned that if I make too much, don't store it correctly or don't
    use it quickly enough it will go the same way.

    Obviously rolling around in a hot car isn't the best way of storing
    E liquid although I'm wondering if a couple of days doing this
    might speed up the steeping process! How do you guys store
    your liquid once you've steeped it to get the level of flavor you
    want and how long can you store it for?
  2. cerebral79

    cerebral79 Member

    I try to store mine in a dark place in glass when possible, not to hot not too cold. I cant think of the name off the top of my head but I think there is one type of plastic bottle that you should and one you shouldn't use because it does something to the liquid if stored in it for too long. Anyone that can chime in on that please do.
  3. soulite

    soulite New Member

    I usually store mine in a room that's always room temperature or just slightly colder. One time, I left some liquid in my car for about 3 weeks in spring and when I tried it, it actually tasted better than before. I also like to keep all of my liquid in a case or box so that I can find all of the flavors I need relatively easily.

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